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La Cheseta


La cheśéta
Three-room tavern 70 sqm
Position: Basement
Beds: 4

In the local dialect, cellars were called cheśétas (from Latin casa).
Instead of cheese and sausages, you will find a very large apartment with two double-bedded rooms and a roomy living room, although through the windows in both bedrooms is still possible to notice some of the stones which made up the old cellar’s walls.

EQUIPMENT: Living room with induction kitchenette, oven, and microwave (combined), dishwasher and kettle, sofa-bed for one person (under 15 years), fireplace, Sat-TV in every room, bathroom with shower.


Beds: 4
Sofa-beds: 0
Category: Standard
Typology: Three Rooms Flat
Square Meters: 70